A basic question - how to open the program

I downloaded the 64-bit version to test on a trial basis.

The awkward installation process plopped 7 files onto my computer with no indication which starts the program. I moved a shortcut to my desktop, clicked on it, and got a login page with default username and password, and a default server number. When I try to log in, I get an error message (apparently the program does not like the default server number OR the network IP address I entered. Is there a magic number I should be using?

Hi! No it is not magic, I promise ;). However, a very good start is to download the manual from Netcam Studio - Network Camera Surveillance Software where you will find the information on how to get started and how to start things in correct order. From your description above you probably started the windows client. Before you get something interesting out of that you must start either the Netcam Studio X or the service version. But read the beginning of the manual first and if you have more questions you are very welcome back to the forum and we will assist you in your needs.


However, it turned out that the software does not support 3 of my cameras, while it doesn’t work with my other camera (which supposedly is supported). So, useless.

Too bad. I would’ve paid for half-decent software.

Hi! You mean that your cameras are not in the template. There are so many cameras on the market so it is imposibble to have them all in the templates. The easiest way is therefore to add them by Custom URL. If you give me what cameras you have, name and model, I will assist you in this. I am not giving up that easy ;).