A commercial SSL Certificate from a trusted authority need more info

Read and studied this (maybe not good enough)

This walktrough skips a lot of information.
Information hat would be usefull for me and otherstrying to figure this out Like:
What to do if you bought a SSL cert. Like me, a Comodo PositiveSSL cert.
What type of webserver are we actually running… (Matters for my Domain hoster)
Moonware.MiniHttpd/ ?
What type of cert the webserver supports, if other than .pfx is this .pfx a PKCS #12 or #7
Does the cert need to be one of those? If not what to edit the config files with.
My Comodo PositiveSSL (.crt) can be converted but to what and its generated with no password.
I bet that someone could update the mentioned forum post with info, that could help me further.
I do not want to use a self signed cert. A Comodo PositiveSSL is only 7.88$ a year.

The walkthrough has the necessary information for a self signed certificate. Can you give me a link to what type of information is necessary for a commercial certificate.
I am forwarding you question to @Steve

I actually think I gave most relevant questions and related info (maybe not)

How about that Monware Studios buys a eg. Comodo PositiveSSL cert and actually writes up the process to get it working…

I bought mine here

Cheap. Works for one host/domain/subdomain
Registers in few minutes.

Comodo instructions for cert install on probably most web servers here


SSL Converter ( but what do I need to convert to if any conversion is needed at all?)


Hi and thanks for all info! The price for a certificate is certainly low. I expected at least two zeros after.

This is actually very fun and learning. After reading the links you supplied and reading my own instructions in the guide I would do this:
1.choose the certificate to buy. After the payment process I assume you must enter the domain name and a password. Since this is for a single domain it can be www.domain.com OR domain.com.
2.certificate is generated and you can pick it up on a server I assume.
3.now you have a file in the PEM format (most likely) with the extension .pem, .crt, .cer, or .key.
4.the web server for NCS running on Windows use the certificate with extension .pfx meaning that the binary file includes both the certificate and the key/password.
5.most likely the certificate you receive do not end with .pfx since they probably use unix machines so it is necessary to convert to .pfx.
6.use the converter in the link above and convert from most likely (the converter finds out that by itself) and convert it to PKCS#12/PFX format.
7.now you have the certificate in the correct format. Now it is time to install it and continue to follow the guide. Double-click on the certificate and let the wizard install the certificate. Follow the guide.
8.finally, move/copy the certificate to C:\Program Files\Netcam Studio - 64-bit and edit the config files.
9.start NCS and use https. The important part is again that the chosen domain name abc.com must be the same as the one in the calling URL meaning that https://abc.com. Then one gets the green text meaning that the name in the certificate is corresponding to the URL.

This should be it. If something goes wrong you have always the certificate in original and can start over. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to any server to do this. Well, I am not sure. The price for the certificate is the not the issue, but it is a lot of other stuff that must be lined-up to make this work which I might not will do. But, I mean I will do exactly the same as I described above. Since it seems that you have it all lined-up just do it. If something goes wrong start over.

In your case you say “My Comodo PositiveSSL (.crt) can be converted but to what and its generated with no password.” There you have the .crt file and need to convert it to .pfx. You did not use a password so in the NCS config file where it says
<add key="WebServerCertificatePass" value="test" />
omit that line completely or write
<add key="WebServerCertificatePass" value="" />

You have to test which works.


Yes was about to start a test convert just to test. So I will report back later.

Just curious, how did it go?

I never used SSL certificate with NetcamStudio but Let’s Encrypt provides trusted certificates for free.

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