A few noob questions before possible purchase


My deepest apologies if I have posted this in the wrong section, I originally emailed this to support@netcamstudio.com and was referred here instead by Luiza (as a sidenote, the contact form on the netcamstudio.com site was not working properly when I first tried using it). and if you don’t mind, I have a few questions. I am thinking about buying a license (64 sources). I noticed that Netcam Studio 2 was mentioned. Is there some idea of approximately when this is going to happen because I am thinking about waiting for it to come out as I don’t want to miss a chance for a product upgrade? My next questions are, I was looking at the documentation (v.1) and looking at the final version of the software (1.6.1) and I am a little concerned about support. How relevant is the documentation to the current version and how timely is technical support if needed? Thanks in advance for any help you can afford me.

V. Murphy

Hello there!
A lot of relevant question :slight_smile: Support for functionality, cameras, problems etc. go to the forum and I will handle them. The email support handles licensing and some other stuff. However, start here.
Yes, NCS 2 is under formation. We have some more functionally and changes that we want to do for NCS 2, but we do not have a date for that release. We have excellent suggestions from our users. Actually, we took a break in new releases after NCS 162 since we have done a lot during the last months and both the developers and users needed a break. The software works very fine and is very stable as it is now. If you buy a license for 64 cams now you will have the upgrade for no cost.
The manual is to be honest rather outdated since we have so much new stuff and changes during the last months. A new version is under development that will be completely in html format and therefore much easier to manage. In the meantime you are very welcome to the forum with any questions. Under Guides and Tutorials you have more information. The response time in the forum is just now about 40 minutes and is quite good. You can read about what users say here Netcam Studio - We need YOUR support
Then it sort of depends on where you are located on the Globe since we have time differences. So sometimes it can be 30 minutes and sometimes around 8h depending when you post a question.
I hope this is to your satisfaction for buying a license and looking forward to meet you in the forum.

Hi Henrik,

Thanks for the quick reply and info, i will definitely make the purchase
now as soon as i get home considering the overall great response and
everything you have told me. I look forward to working with the software
and becoming part of the community.

Best regards,
Vaughn M.

Sounds good. Welcome!