A low cost IP camera TP-link Tapo C310 for Netcam Studio

Recommendation from a user.
Here is a great cameras for super cheap https://www.tp-link.com/uk/home-networking/cloud-camera/tapo-c310/
Supporting ONVIF and RTSP streams.
The image quality is great even at night.
Easiest is to connect to Netcam Studio with the tab for ONVIF Source.
You can also use the tab for Custom URL setting stream type to rtsp_tcp and Address to:
-for a 1080P (1920x1080) stream1: rtsp://username:password@IP Address:554/stream1
-for a 360P (640x360) stream2: rtsp://username:password@IP Address:554/stream2
More info here https://www.tapo.com/en/faq/34/

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