Ability to ignore aspect ratio?


In the manual there is a button to ignore the aspect ration of the source and get it to fill the screen. This appears to have been removed in the newer version. Is it possible to get this feature back? Or can I download an older version somewhere? I have four camera displayed in a quarter screen grid on a 4:3 monitor. Two of my cameras as 16:9 and two are 4:3. I would like them to all display as quarter of the screen even if that means just stretching them vertically slightly. I think it looks much better than having black bars all over the screen. It’s the only thing that I am missing by moving from iSpyConnect to this product.

Thanks, Matt.

Sorry, no older version for download. Since NCS develops a lot it is difficult to give support on several version. The Aspect ration disappeared for some versions ago most likely that the cameras should be displayed as they are. However, I put it on the user wish-list to get it back and if there are a general interest it might be back.