About scheduling

Hello. I could not find image capture and video recording settings during certain periods of the camera. So take a picture for 30 minutes. You record a 1-minute video in 60 minutes. How can we do. Thank you.

With Timelaps you can do the following:
1.With the first 2 settings you set the time between two frames/images.
2.If Encoding method is set to Still images the images from 1. is stored in the Library
3.If Encoding method is set to Movie the 2 settings Frame duration output is for how long this image will last on the movie.

With FTP upload you can capture and image every X seconds where X is set in the FTP configuration.

Probably, the best way to obtain what you are asking for is to control NCS with WebAPI from an external system/software. More about webAPI on the NCS web site. Also, search in the forum for webAPI and you will find more.