About the Network Cameras category


In this place you can post question or share knowledge how to get specific network cameras to work with our softwares.

If you have a camera that is not supported by our software, you can submit this information here. Mind that in most cases reporting that a given Brand / Model doesn’t work, won’t help us to solve the problem.

If you know how to access the video streams and commands, please share the urls here and tell us with which software you were using.

If you don’t know the urls to access the streams, our members can provide you assistance on the condition that you provide access to your camera.

In this case, you will need to setup port forwarding directly to the camera, so it can be accessed over Internet.

You can always ask for help in this area. The Customer Service will reply to the topic asking you to provide the following:

  • IP Address / Port where the camera can be reached;
  • Username / Password of a temporary account with full admin rights.

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