Access error when connecting a network camera

I tried to connect my sricam ap002 from the list it game me and it was all going well, the test button everything was ok. But after clicking ok I get an error: Access violation at address 00526FC7 in module ‘webcamXP.exe’. Read of address 00000000.

I’m using the free version of the software I just downloaded.
I right clicked the black screen went to “Network Cameras” clicked connect
Network camera setup wizard opens and I select sricam for brand, model ap001-ap006 ie mine is an AP002
I left the video preset blank the first time then I tried each option it had but it all resulted in the same error.

The final screen I put in my cameras IP and port number, selected password protect and entered the proper user name and password, cam number is set to 1 an the frame rate is set to 25 and the resolution out put to automatic.

Any suggestions?

Can you try by running webcamxp in Network Camera mode (another icon in the start menu) ?

Sometime it happens if our directshow filter is not properly installed. Did you freshly installed the latest version of webcamxp and had no problems / error during installation ?

I uninstalled and reinstalled the software and it is now seeing and displaying the cameras image. thank you