Access MJPEG stream


for evaluating I’m using the free version of Netcam Studio and currently using 4 cameras. On the Netcam Studio I see all 4 camera pictures, only camera 3 and 4 do have a sort of “buy license” watermark.

When I try to access the cameras over http and MJPEG stream this works fine for camera 1 & 2 but I do see nothing for camera 3 & 4, I somehow also expected there also the camera pictures including the watermark.

Before I purchase a license I want to be sure, the only reason I do not see anything for the MPEG stream 3 & 4 is the missing license. Can anyone confirm this, or is there another possible problem?

Thank you and best regards.


Hmm, I am not aware of such issue so no it’s not expected and I don’t think it’s related to the license. Actually it should provide the MJPEG stream with the same evaluation watermark.

Did you use admin account credentials when trying to retrieve the stream? If not, are you sure that the account used has access to the camera ?


thank you for your fast reply.
No, I created an additional user with the right to view all sources.
Unfortunately I am currently not a the system with cameras, so I cannot check twice to be sure.


I have tested and don’t see such problem. even in evaluation mode when connecting to 3rd camera, i have the mjpeg stream and the watermark.

Ensure that width and height are set correctly, there is a little issue around them that will be fixed in 1.3.3