ACTi Cams dosen't work

First of all, like your program :smile:

I have some ACM-7411 Cams from ACTi, that works.
I also have some ACM-4200 Cams from ACTi, they doesn’t work. try 3 deference cams now non off them works :frowning:
They all works with ACTi own software.

Can you help.

Is it when you use the template for acm-4200 it do Not work? Then you can try to add the camera using Custom URL with Stream Type RTSP_TCP and the URL


Check the manual for the camera, but I think this is the url for rtsp that should work.

Hello thanks for your answare, but it ditent help at all :slight_smile: rtsp Cant connect at all, the cam has TCP and RTS and that is that, cant fint a way to connect to it direct :frowning: But my ACM-7411 works