Activate Licence


I buy 2-licence using korea agency.
Today I recived two licence. so I installed the program in my PC.

i Input the lecence key on the program. but it didn’t activate.
just display H/W key, Licence key and offline button.

So, once I mailed
second I mailed on support web page.

please check it. Thanks.

Hi Myung!
Thanks for the purchase. If you filled in the form on the support page you should receive an answer shortly. If not please come back to the forum. Unfortunately, I cannot check the license from here.
While you are waiting you can start using Netcam Studio. You can use all the functions. For the unlicensed version you have a red banner over camera 3 and up. When the licensing work these banners will go away.

For me it is a similar problem. I have a server crash and zminiłem to another server. I installed the software and have a similar message. I can not activate …
How to move the program settings to another computer?

Andrzej Misztal

Hi Andrzej ,
When you move NCS to another computer the license must be released from the old computer to work on the new one. Send an email to support and describe what you want to do. Unfortunately, I have not access to the license server so I cannot do this.
If you want to keep the configuration go to C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server
and copy these 3 files

to the same location on the new computer.