Activation of Sound Recording

Would it be possible to consider a couple of enhancements for later releases?

  1. When using motion detection to activate recording the sound lags the video. Obviously this is due to the buffering of video. Could sound also be buffered in the same way so that it syncs with the video?

  2. Using sound (as well as motion detection) to trigger recording results in several non-motion recordings which are of little or no importance. However, sound IS important when motion triggers a video recording. Would it be possible to trigger sound recording ( also buffered :smile:) when motion triggers video recording? (The use case being an environment such as an open office where the is a lot of background chatter and only specific areas need monitoring.)

Cheers, George

What kind of source ?

Audio is also buffered, is it in sync when using playback from NCS Client ?

It’s never 100% since it’s separate buffers but delay should be < 0.5s.

Audio playback over web / mobile view has more delay since the web client is adding its own audio buffer.

The webcam Logitech Pro 4000 is the source - it’s the one I’m using on the Windows 7 machine that hangs so it may be part of the same issues which I have yet to test with another webcam. I was using Netcam Studio 1.2.0 beta 2 server not the client although I’m not sure why that would matter as the lag appears in both VLC and Windows Media.

However, I appear to be having a similar issue with the Windows 10 / Netcam Studio 1.2.0 bete 2 server although this time video is lagging behind sound. As this is a less powerful machine (a Core 2 Duo 2.66Ghz with only 8Gb RAM) I suspected this was probably due to video capture being set at too high a level of quality.

So I downsized the screen size, frame rate and quality and that seems to produce pretty close sync when using the record function directly but when motion detection is used to record the video is noticeably lagging behind the sound when played in Windows Media (I haven’t installed VLC on this machine yet).

As I said in my other reply I’m going to try the Logitch webcam with Windows 10 and let you know how that works.

Cheers, George

OK now that I’ve cracked the webcam problem :blush:, due to the crappy old Logitech Pro 4000 webcam, I’ve retested using the MobileGear webcam on Windows 7 and I’m still hearing sound well ahead of video. Straight forward recordings are OK with video and sound in sync.

I’ve tried both 640x480 30FPS and also reduced the setting to 176x174 30FPS (I cannot select a lower FPS).
Trig duration for both sound and video is the same and I’ve messed around with both, increasing/decreasing simultaneously, trying one shorter than the other, but still cannot get them closer in sync.

It’s not a big deal and doesn’t detract from usability and I can easily edit the video re-syncing the sound track if needed.

Cheers, George