Activation on Virtual machine. Linux host - solved


I could not find anything in the log which would point out the problem. I can try ping the lic server from the VM to see if it response. What is the IP?


Hi Henrik,

if it helps here is config file for the windows DomU running the ncs:

device_model_override = '/usr/bin/qemu-system-x86_64’
memory =8192
shadow_memory = 8
name = "windows"
uuid = "6c5a58cf-59f1-42f2-b8c4-6722d202bf32"
vif = [‘bridge=xenbr0’,‘mac=00:16:3e:7f:0A:01’]
disk = [‘phy:/dev/vg0/windows,sda,w’,‘phy:/dev/disk/by-label/CAMS-3bec4a9d-d151-4249-82d5,sdb,w’]
acpi = 1

I have tried to examine packets outgoing from wan interface during the registration attempt with wireshark, but Im not any wiser.



Hi Petr,
Referring to the error messages it seems to be the Hardware ID that doesn´t follow some sort of standard? An alternative to figure out where the problem might be is to change to Virtualbox which also run on Debian 9 Stretch. Is that possible?


Hi all,

I have listened to the packets exchange between activation server and ncs. Everything seems to be ok after reseting the licence I can see activation server returning ther activation key, but for some reason the NCS does not accept th HWID/LIC/ACT-KEY combination.
I would like to have ncs working on current setup. It is class 1 hypervisor. I have tried before virtualbox but I had some issues with i t.
I seems to be some issue between NCS and VM.



It works at last!! I seemed to have been some problem with PV drivers. I have reinstalled VM OS without instaling paravirtualized drivers and activation went through without a glitch.



Ok, that’s good news.

Do you have any details about this setting (so that we can potentially use this information to help other users in the future) ?

Thank you!

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Hi Petr,
That´s excellent news! Thanks for your work and not giving up. Linux people usually figure out things at the end :slight_smile: . As Steve say if you can give us 5 minutes and contribute to the forum it is very appreciated.

As you probably already have seen it´s time to move on to NCS version 1.4! A lot of things are improved under the hood, but also a new web client that we like a lot ;), I am looking forward to your response to the new version.



Thanks guys,
I will scratch some time to write a report maybe at the end of the week. I am looking forward to try new 1.4 version.