Add a custom URL to the audio stream

Hello! I started using Netcam Studio recently and it’s doing very well.
(Edit: Oops, missclick on ctrl+enter) Anyway, continuing. I’m using an old android smartphone as a camera, streaming with IP Webcam. It’s good with video, but I have no sound because it stream the sound on a different URL.

My question is, can I manually add this URL to have the sound too? I can’t find an option to do this.

Hi there!
A short answer to your question is, no you cannot add an URL for the sound.
To have video and sound the device must stream in the formats h.264 or mpeg4. Then you can add the device using a predefined template, ONVIF or Custom URL. Some old devices and low priced ones use, as you mention, one stream for video (usually mjpeg) and one stream (http) for audio. It is possible to combine these to, but that must be done in a predefined template.

So the option Audio over HTTP enabled do not give you audio with the different presets?


None of the templates I tried worked.

That app stream the audio in OGG, on the URL “IP:PORT/audio.ogg”.
Can I activate the stream sound with that URL?

With “Audio over HTTP”, Netcam Studio does not even try to connect.

I tested also and audio is not there. I mailed our developers about this.
For audio it is /audio.wav
If you in the browser enter http://IP:8080 you get a lot of info.

Oops again, my mistake.
But I hope that this get fixed, audio is very useful.

Thanks for the help!

Streaming both video and audio have been working fine for some time ago in earlier versions. However, obviously something have changed on the way. I have to generate some log files to get more info so I hope this can be fixed rather quickly.

Was there any update on this? I’m also using IP Webcam on Android too and the sound isn’t working.

Hi guys,
Sorry for this. I just found an error in the template that will be corrected now.