Add Cam Levelone WCS6050 / Maginon Supra IPC_100AC

Is it possible to add this 2 IP-Cams ?

Cam Typ Maginon Supra IPC_100AC CAM_TYP = "MAGINON IPC-100AC / IP" Login = "user=xxx&pwd=xxxx" ; PICTURE = "/snapshot.jpg&user=xxxx&pwd=xxxx" ; PTZ pos_up = IP+"/decoder_control.cgi?command=0&user=xxxx&pwd=xxxx"; pos_down = IP+"/decoder_control.cgi?command=2&user=xxxx&pwd=xxxx"; pos_left = IP+"/decoder_control.cgi?command=4&user=xxxx&pwd=xxxx"; pos_right = IP+"/decoder_control.cgi?command=6&user=xxxx&pwd=xxxx"; pos_stop = IP+"/decoder_control.cgi?command=1&user=xxxx&pwd=xxxx";

Remark Cam moves after command (mouse down) until pos_stop command is send !(mouse up)

Cam Typ LEVELONE WCS6050 PICTURE="/imagep/picture.jpg" ; **Login unknown but worked on WebcamXP 3.x works (IP-Cam type custom)** **WebcamXP 5.X failed !!! (monware universal source filter)** PTZ: pos_up = IP+"/cgi-bin/camctrl.cgi?speedtilt=5&move=1" ; pos_down = IP+"/cgi-bin/camctrl.cgi?speedtilt=5&move=5" ; pos_left = IP+"/cgi-bin/camctrl.cgi?speedpan=5&move=2" ; pos_right = IP+"/cgi-bin/camctrl.cgi?speedpan=5&move=4" ;
Is it possible to add "Custom IP" Cam Selection menu so that monware is not necessary like WebcamXP 3.x **Reason**: if there are more "unkown" IP-Webcams the different values (Picture) will not be safed. After closing and start new webcam xp only the first IP-Webcam over monware is worked, the other values are lost (monware)

If it would be nessesery i will give acess to the both IP-Cams

Hi and welcome to the forum.
Yes, I can try to get this into a templates with video and ptz. I need access to the cams to test that it works. I send you a separate PM for exchange of IP numbers, passwords etc.It is for WebcamXP you want it for or do you want to move to the next generation Netcam Studio that can handle IP cams much better?

please explain what are the differens between netcamstudio and webcamxp5
I need it for usb and ip-cams
needed cams places 4-10

if it is near the same i could try to upgrade to netcamstudio

  • j.fuhr

Thanks a lot for the excellent info above. It worked very well. Se private PM for details.

Netcam Studio is the next generation of WebcamXP/7 and have much more features and is easier to work with for IP cams. NCS also include usb cams.

Download Netcam Studio and test it. The first 2 cams are free with a fully functional software. From cam 3 it is a red banner over the video. I see that you also use usb cams and Webcam is focused on that so it is up to you to choose. However, it is free to test NCS. The templates are general and will work in WebcamXP/7 and NCS.

For the Maginon is it any special reason you want to use jpeg? You can also use mjpeg with the url:


it should work, i had test it with a internet page, so i had the solution with jpeg. I think you should the best version.
if the cgi work better then you can do this. what is easer to make.

I had testet webcamxp7 - it works well.
On netcam studio i missed the option to get pictures without login - that what i need. Also the overlay-editor with text dosent worked right and ist extrem difficult to use. At one time i coud change the text, but only one time. Font and size change was impossible for me. this works on all webcamxp version much better and easier.

on my test i found error in levelone - wcs2010. if you would select the low resolution it pic up the picture from high resolution, so that it is not to see time-stamp of the webcam. On webcamxp 3.x there was this cam not included, but worked with d-link - dcs5300 (version low - middle - high) correct. I think with changing the resolution in webcamxp5/7 and netcamstudio alway get the same pictue (no resolution is switched - to see on timestamp of ip-cam).
so i had tried both types - same result.
Here some info:
/cgi-bin/video.jpg?size1 = high
/cgi-bin/video.jpg?size2 = middle
/cgi-bin/video.jpg?size3 = half

I would appreciate if you can port forward port 554 to the Levelone camera so I can access it with rtsp.

-NCS missed option with anonymous login. That is for security reasons. You should always use login with password.
-on my test i found error in levelone - wcs2010. I check that. Do you use that specific model also?

i have forward port 554 from Levelone 6050 to port 554
levelone WCs 2010 is avalible - no login need in the moment
so should be the picture on wcs2010

The new templates are now ready and the template for wcs-2010 is corrected. I will push to get them out there as soon as possible.
Thanks for your valuable cooperation!