ADD Fishey correction

is there a plan to add an Fishey correction to Netcam Stdio ? I have Serverals cam’s with an Fishey objektive, because i need the angel to see all of the room.
If someone rate this too,i would bee pleased!

Yeah, this definitely be handy as I’m looking at fisheye 360° cams as well

Hold your horses guys! ;).

Thanks for all the excellent suggestions!

In the pipeline is a version of NCS focusing on the market for security where this suggestion will probably come in handy. I have no idea how tricky it would be to implement this, but a couple of extra lines in our favorite programming language would probably solve this. On the to-do list!


It would be quite intensive in term of cpu to fix every frame by software.

Cutting a part won’t demand much effort but recaculating the image to compensate the effect would be more tricky.

Anyway if you find a sample somewhere to do this in C# / .NET i could add it to the list of existing post-prod effects for testing…

I searched on fisheye correction c# .net and got a lot of results. Sorry, but I dont know which code to pic. One of our i-friends have that.