Adding a cameras based on other servers

Hello guys, how you doing?

I’m using Netcam Studio on 2 PCs because my cameras are currently connected via USB and are far apart one form the other. (PC1 & PC2). Both computers are connected to the same Network.

I would like your help to connect both streams to one of the PCs only so I don’t need to connect to both servers, for example:


I would like to add CAMERA B to PC1 based on the stream that PC2 broadcasts.
So I could monitor CAMERA A and CAMERA B only from the IP/Hostname/URL of PC1.

Could you please help me with a solution?
Thanks in advance and best regards.

I do exactly the same on a system. Check out this guide and the solution is at the end of the text.

I think I discovered a bug here. Run NCS as a service on the source computer with the USB cam. Then you get both video and audio and two green dots when you do the test on the target computer. If you run NCS X on the source computer it will only connect using MJPEG on the target. Testning with MPEG4 will result in two red icons. I reported this to our developers.


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Hi @Henrik,

Thanks for your reply.
I’ll read the guide, give it a go and let you know about the results.

Thank you!