Adding an Insteon 75790WH?


Hi there. I have 2 Insteon 74790WH IP indoor cameras that I’d like to use with Netcam Studio. I don’t see Insteon as an option under the camera Brand. How would I go about adding the new source?



You can add that camera as a Foscam FI8918W. I was able to get mine working in Netcam Studio that way.


Same here, configured a Foscam FI8918W for my 75790WH Insteon SD Camera in Netcam Studio, only problem is that sound does not work. Has anyone figured out how to get sound to work on the Insteon 75790WH SD Camera in Netcam Studio? I can play this stream in VLC: http://IPADDRESS/videostream.asf?user=USERNAME&pwd=PASSWORD and I get video and sound, but it doesn’t work in Netcam Studio, just get a clicking sound. Have tried many different variations, no luck. If someone figured it out, please share. Thanks!


If that URL works in VLC it should also work in NCS. Try to add the camera as a Custom URL and use the Address http://username:password@ipaddress/videostream.asf . I am not sure which Stream Type is best. MPEG4 or MJPEG might be the one??
This might work rtsp://Iusername:password@PADDRESS/videoMain with RTSP_TCP.


pretty new at this. I have my insteon camera setup in the insteon app. can i still use it with netcam studio too? i entered the port no. and it didn’t find it. If not, how do i set it up as foscam? i presume some foscame s/w is needed. know which?


Normally the IP cameras deliver only one stream of data to one recipient. It might work to use them in parallel or it might not. In the post above the template for Foscam FI8918W was used.