Adding iPhone 3GS

Been using Netcam studio with no problems with my Edimax ip camera and a vimicro usb camera for sometime now.
But now trying to add an old iPhone 3GS and replace the vimicro. The iphone runs the ipcamera app (By Dominik Seibold) and is running fine locally from a browser, using port 80.
But I’m not sure how to add it into Netcam studio.
In the network tab, no iPhone listed or ipcamera app.
Tried under Custom url, using jpeg and mjpeg, but no joy.
Any ideas?

Try installing Netcam Studio Smart Camera on the phone (should so basically the same than ipCamera). for this one there are templates and it has been tested.

Thanks, works a treat.
Well impressed with the quality.
Did not even know that existed.

I think it may be worth having ‘ip camera’ in your description text for the iTunes and Google play listings. I know many who would love something like this and generally use the term ip camera. Ive spent a good week or so searching the net for such an app and found a few, but never came across yours.

Well it’s not really advertised anywhere but on the Netcam Studio download page. On the other end, most of those tools are not free and we just wanted to offer simple and free that can be used for this purpose.