Adding the 5th Camera

I guess i am going to get a 5th camera.

Is there a way for me to upgrade my 4 camera license to the next level up at a reduced charge?

Hi Graham,
Good, more cameras we like :slight_smile: License issues are handled by our support so contact them here

Well the answer is that there is no upgrade path. But it gets worse.

They want me to purchase another 4 camera license in order to get to 16 sources - which means I will have spent $100 instead of the $75 a 16 camera license costs. Not a very good way to treat your customers IMO.

I’m confused, how does adding 4 to 4 get you to 16? And in this case you’d be cheaper to buy a 16 license, blow your install away completely and start a new one.

Glad you asked this question though, this is exactly what I was debating. I currently have 4 cameras and am getting ready to purchase a license and was debating whether to go with the 4 or 16 for future use. If it’s going to cost me more money to “upgrade” later than it would to just do it now, I guess there’s my answer.

Well, the issue seems to arise from the ways that they have to purchase licenses and the fact that it has no flexibility. I have a 4 camera license. The next step up is 16. I was told that if I bought another 4 camera license and sent them receipts for (2) 4 camera licenses that they would send me a 16 camera license. In hindsight I wish I had bought the 16 camera license. Buying (2) 4 camera licenses is more expensive.

I retired a few old cameras to stay under the 4 camera limit. I have been told that upgrade licenses may be available in the future.