Advice of purchase


Hello, I have to choose two models of cameras: One for the outside and two for the inside Is it possible to have advice of purchase here or on a forum for a good compatibility with Netcam Studio?


This is sort of tricky since there are so many cameras on the market today. However, some guidelines.
-look through this thread of Network cameras.
-buy cameras that use the ONVIF standard. Easiest way to connect them to NCS. Especially if you want PTZ.
-even if it can be tempting do not buy the cheapest chinese stuff. Sometimes it works great, but quite often it causes a lot of pain.
-when you have found something that you like do a search on the Internet for that camera. There is so much valuable information there.
-what resolution do you really need? Megapixel cameras are very reasonable in price today, but they do need a computer with a good CPU. 3 cameras with 2 megapixel each (1080p) use an i5 processor. Probably works with 3 and 4 MP also, but don’t use the computer for something else.
-If you want a very reliable and stable system use a dedicated computer and have all the cameras on LAN and not wifi. If you have a good signal strength between router and camera wifi can be ok.

Good luck,


Thank you Henrik for the answer. In fact it’s for a friend and I’m afraid I have cheap Chinese cameras for having some problems personally. My friend is not a computer scientist and I do not want him to have a problem. I want 1080p that will be used in motion on one camera at a time. I am tempted by the NETVUE 1080P and the SRICAM SP015 for the outside which have good rating but are not referenced on NCS.

It seems to be problem with onvif and ptz? ONVIF PTZ possible or not?


Does any of the cameras support onvif as I wrote above? Search for sricam in the forum and you have more info.
As for the link. There are so many cameras out there and unfortunately there are differences between them that can depend on such things like firmware.