Alerts on "Inactivity "

The application I have in mind would be greatly enhanced if it was possible for alerts to be generated when no motion or sound has been detected over a period of time.

The inactivity time period should be variable from a few minutes to hours and the scheduler should include an “Inactivity” monitor switch to set the time periods over which this will be monitored.

Use cases would include monitoring security patrols and in elderly care scenarios to ensure certain activities take place.

Cheers, George

You can have the audio/video alerts trigger a trigger.vbs file to run. The vbs file would open a master.bat file. The master.bat file would close any slave.bat file scripts running and start a new slave.bat file.

In the slave.bat file, there would be some time delay, followed by some action you would run to indicate inactivity.

I have already done all this to control my lights. After 20 minutes (1200 seconds) of inactivity, they turn off. I have included my files. Place the trigger.vbs file and master.bat file in the Netcam Studio directory. You can choose where to place slave.bat by editing master.bat however the default location is C:\inactive .

In netcam studio, go to rules manager and create a rule “OnMotionStart” then “RunApp” and in Path put “trigger.vbs”. Repeat but for “OnAudioStart” as well.

trigger.vbs: trigger.vbs -
master.bat: master.bat -
slave.bat: (I can’t place 3 links in one post but it’s the same address as above with these after the last slash instead: 56rgJ5vu )

Thanks @triforcegathering for sharing your scripts.
This feature is scheduled and will be implemented in future software versions.

Many thanks for your response…

I’ll grab the files and experiment although I’m not that technical hopefully I’ll figure out how to get it to work. :smile:

Glad to hear that this is scheduled to become a standard feature.