All my camera recordings are missing multiple frames



We have a 64-camera license.
We currently have configured 22 camera sources in NetcamStudio.
The last weeks we have some issues on our network. On about 8 camera’s is see in the log that we have multiple Exception (Web) while connecting to http://172.20.6.xx:80/cgi-bin/faststream.jpg.
This happens almost every second on 6 camera’s.
But, the recordings of all my camera’s are missing multiple frames.
When i look at the recorded MP4-file i sometimes see that the timestamp of the frames (cameratimestamp) aren’t correct. Sometimes i see timestamp hh:mm:15 coming before hh:mm:13. It’s like the frames aren’t processed in the right order.

Could the problem with 6 camera’s has an influence on the recording behaviour of all the other camera’s ??? In netcamstudio the recording framerate is set to 1fps.

Update 04/10/2017 : We fixed the networkproblems. But still all our camera recordings are messed up.

The recording is set to 1 fps and to create a new recording every hour. Well, when i play back a recording with VLC-player, it plays well for about the first 5 seconds, then it starts missing frames and putting newer frames before older frames as described above.

The Netcam Studio Service writes the recordings to an external NAS QNAP - TS453 Pro.
The only thing that has changed in the meantime are a few firmware-updates on the QNAP.

But i can’t figure out how this could affect the recordings on the NAS.

Is there some kind of log-file to see deeper debug-messages about the writing of the recordings ??

Our system has however worked properly before.

Thanks in advance for your anwser.

Andy J

When we watch the live-video in the webapp, there are no frames missing. We have a perfect videostream. So all images are there to be able to create a good recording.


I think this reported problem is not a NetcamStudio issue after all.

Our NetcamStudio was installed on a Virtual Windows 2016 Server.

I just installed NetcamStudio on a physical Windows 2016 Server and the video playback with VLC-Player gives the same problems.
After about the first 5 seconds, VLC-Player starts messing up de recording playback.

BUT with Windows Media Player we can playback the recorded video’s without any problems.

The playback error issue must have something to do with a recent VLC-Player update.

Could anyone confirm they also have an issue of playing back the recorded video-files from NCS with VLC-Player V2.2.6 ??
There is no motion detection, so we record continiously with a new file every hour @ 1 FPS.

Best regards,

Andy J

I tested VLC 226 with NCS 161 on a VM server2016 and it gave med no problems. If you go back to VLC 221?
The logfile for NCS can be found here
C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server\Logs
ProgramData is hidden so you must it visible first.

Yes yes, it is the 1 FPS that is the problem. That speed is usually to low for any mp4 recording since it delivers to little data for the compression. Some players can be sensitive for that and VLC is. So that it has been working before is more luck I think. Increase that to 5 FPS and test.

Hello Henrik,

thanks for the feedback.

We are on 1 FPS because we were missing frames on higher FPS-rates, probably due to lack of processor power on our Virtual Server.
We have made some improvements on our Virtual server, so i will retest.
When not succesfull i will retest on our physical server as well with higher FPS.
I’ll keep you informed.

Best regards

Aha. Check the Task Manager and you will see the cpu load. 22 cameras use a lot of cpu.


just testing right now.

1 FPS - CPU around 50 %
2 FPS - CPU around 70%
3 FPS - CPU around 90% —> already frame drops
4 FPS - CPU around 100%
5 FPS - CPU > 100%

I also want to keep the framerate as low as possible to reduce the filesize of each recording. Or is the filesize not in proportion to the FPS-rate ???

I will test my FPS on my physical server also.


I’m trying to test the NCS on a physical server with 8 cores @ 2CPU par core = 16 CPU’s.
The NCS-Console is almost non responsive to the mouse clicks.

When i only allow 4 CPU’s for the NCS-process it becomes workable.

Is NCS designed to be able to operate on that much CPU’s ???
Is there a way to tell NCS in the launcher to only use 4 CPU’s ???

That was a new one. I am running 1cpu/4cores and I had someone else running on 2cpu/8cores. To my knowledge tNCS use whatever resources are available and therefore setting number of cpu´s are not possible. In the settings you can enable this

See what happens.
I have to post this to the developer and ask.