Allow other win users to run NCS on the same computer

Running NCSx64 1.9.2 in service mode under Win10. Is there a way for other Windows user (member of Administator group) to run NCS client on this computer? So far other users have no prmissions even to read NetcamStudio.Client.exe file. Which files/folders permissions should be changed to allow full functionality of NCS for other administrator?

Anyone with a user account on NCS set to Administrator have full access to NCS from NCS Windows client apart from basic configuration like licensing and setup of NCS Service.
NCS win client must be installed on each user account. Connect to NCS with IP number.

Let me specify more, there is single computer and several administrative accounts under Windows 10. Currently normal access to NCS client is only under those account, who installed NCS. All other administrators can’t run NCS. Am I correctly understood you, that NCS should be installed under every account who wants to run NCS? Thanks

Yes, I understand the situation. In general on one computer there should only be one account with administrative rights and all the other accounts should be standard user accounts. That always works best.

Netcam Studio is designed for a singel computer with one account with administrative rights. In your situation NCS can be managed only from the specific admin account is was installed on.
On the other accounts you can see the NCS icons, but when you try to start NCS you get an access denied. This is correct. If you want to manage NCS you must login to the correct account.
You should be able to use the web client from any account.
From any other computer you can use the web client or the NCS windows client to manage NCS.


Thanks, it’s clear now