Allow to sleep windows

seems that Netcam prevent computer to sleep.
I can turn on / off this feature?

Hi! Yes it is designed that way which is natural for such a program that will run 24/7. There are no on/off for this. If you “turn off” the cams: mo motion detection, no audio detection, no … NCS stops the connection to the cams to save energy. If that will make NCS also go to sleep and in turn also the computer I do not know, but you can try this.
If you use a laptop and close the lid it might go to sleep anyway since you can force the computer to go to sleep when closing the lid, but not in all laptops that works.


Thanks for the explanation. It is the right choice.
However at this time, I’m running Netcamstudio, as a service, and without configured cameras.
despite this, the PC only sleeps if I kill the application.
The Netcam version is
thanks you all

Thanks for not killing the messenger ;).

Damn, my translations are dangerous

I installed the version and the problem seems to be solved