Amcrest Cams and Webcam 7

I purchased an Amcrest outdoor cam before I made sure it was compatible with webcam 7. I have tried and trid to get it to work but no luck. Is there a way to get this cam to work with webcam 7?

Which model?

Hi I have the Amcrest HD Series Outdoor 720P model

Hi! That was many cameras that fit in on that description so I need a model number also.
However, it seems that they use RTSP to connect to these cameras. Therefore, I recommend you to switch to Netcam Studio since that handles rtsp much better and is easier to work with. The information about these cams are uncertain.
Do the following in Netcam Studio. See the link as a general description Reolink RLC-410 Camera support

In your case with Armcrest:

port is probably standard 554 but can also be 80

Set X and Y to 1

You can start testing by using VLC if you find that easier. When you get it to work there use the info NCS. As usual it is a lot of testing ;).

Check also in the camera configuration. Sometimes they write which file name to use when connecting to the camera for different formats like h.264 or mjpeg, …

Good luck and please report back how it goes.