Amcrest IP4M-1026e

I’m using the Moonware Universal Source Filter. The commands that work for the Amcrest IP4M-1024E and the Amcrest IP4M-1025E are:

However, these don’t work for the IP4M-1026E

Do you have any suggestions, or know where I can find the appropriate command?

That was a little bit tricky to find. This camera can do a lot so make sure it is configured correct.
Test this URL.
Set stream type to rtsp_tcp

subtype can also be 0 depending on the configuration in the camera.

Since the camera support ONVIF you can download ONVIF Device Manager and in from there get the correct URL rtsp://… to use.


Hello Henrick,
Thank you helping. I did find this command in the Amcrest HTTP API manual, and it seems to work for the older 1025E camera, however it returns the image below for the 1026E. I sent a message to Amcrest asking for an updated HTTP API manual, and I have not heard back yet.

The URL seem to be ok then, but …
Two things:
-make sure that the compression is set to h.264 is the camera.
-change stream type from rtsp_tcp to rtsp_udp if that gets better.

What do the ONVIF device manager give you for URL?

Hello Henrik,
Thank you again for your help. I did find a combination which worked for the Amcrest IP4M-1026E:


I also had to set the protocol to JPEG.

Yes, I know this one, but it is really not a good URL to use. RTSP is what you are looking for.
I would do this
-update or reinstall firmware.
-if that do not solve the problem I would return the camera since I think it is faulty.