Android app data usage leak


there is bug in the Android app, which causes to use up all mobile data. When the app is minimized. It’s starting to transmit data in the background, even when the app is not used.

You can see this in the mobile data statistics.

You can see that 84,95MB data is used in foreground (so when I actually look at the app). But then 495MB is used in background. This makes no sense. The streams should be paused when the app.
Also, in the current setting, when you open the app after being minimized, it’s logged out. So it worries me a bit what kind of data is being transmitted…


Hi Mitch!
Thanks for info. Forwarded asap to our developers.


Thanks for the feedback. Actually the apps logs out when the app restarts (or is shown again, because for this I have an event triggered) however you’re right this needs to be fixed. I didn’t expect it would continue to pull the streams in the background (on iOS it’s by default disabled).

I will see what I can do about this.



I noticed the same problem : the streams are still playing in the background. THe only way to avoid this is to disconnect and close the application.


any update on this? This becomes a big problem. Especially when I am abroad and NCS decides to drain my data again :(.

I forward this to @Steve for him to handle.