Annke C500 camera

I have tried to add this camera but it will not connect. Onvif is enable in my camera. It is detected as Onvif but it will not get a profile even though I supply camera credentials. I also tried adding the custom url suggestion but what happens is it tries to connect but I fet a red failed to connect screen. Any further help would be appreciated.

Nice camera. If you don’t get onvif profiles or custom url to work something in credentials is probably wrong. Test if it works in VLC.
Also, do not use special characters like & % $ etc. in the password.
Make sure the stream use codec h264 or h265.

Thank You for your reply! How would I test in VLC? Also it seems the User manual download link does not work. How can I get the User manual?

The link downloads a pdf file
For VLC:
Click on Media -> Open Network Stream.
Enter your Custom URL like
If the URL is correct the camera should start the video stream.
What custom URL do you use?