Any of your products usable for live streaming video/audio

Are any of your products usable for live streaming video/audio? Thinking of doing some virtual music performances. I know I can do it free with “youtube live”, but I’d like to do it from home. My internet service has enough upload bandwidth to host more than a couple dozen visitors, which would be plenty for me.

Hi there,
Live streaming video and audio is just what Netcam Studio is doing when you login and watch the cameras in real-time. Netcam Studio is not a broadcasting system as youtube live, but should work very well even so. The limitations should be the computer running NCS and the Internet connection. It is possible to set a limit for bandwidth use. The visitors can either login with the web client or maybe better is to embed the html code for the live stream video on a webpage where it is accessible without the need for the web client and login. Then you can just send a web link to your audience. However, for security the live stream stops automatically after some time so in the html code add an automatic page refresh.


Thanks! This might be fun to experiment with then! As a user of the older Webcam-XP for many years, I’ve often wondered about this. Its the only video web server I knew of that worked with windows, and didn’t require me to run Linux. But of course Webcam-XP can’t do audio (as far as I know anyway.) Yes, I do web coding and have my own domains, and also a DNS service for my home internet connection. So I certainly could make a we page do do what you describe more conveniently for visitors. Beyond the obvious bandwidth limitation of my home “upload” speed, is there a limit on the number of client connections to Netcam studio?

There is no limit set in the NCS web server.