Anybody know how to access this network camera?

From light in the box.

No idea who the manufacturer is. Picture is great for a small cheap cam.

Try to view the sources of the camera’s page that displays stream to see if you can find the url / address to the stream this way.

If not, try to “snif” the network with tools like Wireshark before opening the page with the stream so that you can try to retrieve this information.

Do you know the stream format (JPEG,MJPEG,H264) ?

II think it is H264. The url opened in wireshark looks to be


I tried using that URL in VLC to test the stream and had no luck. Any ideas?

I can get the stream opened in quicktime however using this url


Any idea what camera profile matches that call?

You have all the info you need there. When you Add Source use Custom URL and use Stream Type: RTSP_TCP and Address:

you might skip the port 554 as well since it is a default port number. VLC use this format also.

You have all the info, but you have to do some trial and error what will work for your camera. By the way, interesting small camera!

Good luck,

Thank you Henrik but isn’t the custom URL feature for Netcam studio only? I am using webcamxp pro and can not really change due to integration with other systems. Is there a way to do this in webcamxp that I just do not know about?

Sorry for that. I assumed … ;). Check the page for webcamxp webcamXP - Download There it says "In order to connect RTSP Sources, please install Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (32-bit). " Start with that and see what happens. Something might turn up in the settings for the camera or …


So I already have done that setup and have 2 rtsp cameras working but I knew the right thing to pick for those in the network camera tab. I have done some looking and this patter matches ones from cameras from Amovision and Dahua but neither of those cameras are in the pickbox. This pattern seems most common with ANRAN and eSCAM cameras but neither of those companies are listed in webcamxp. Any ideas what else I could use? If not is there a way to get support added for this camera?

webcamXP / webcam 7 do not support custom urls for RTSP.

Only Netcam Studio does, for webcamXP there is (limited) RTSP support but the template need to exist.

Actually, it’s strange that this address doesn’t work in VLC and does work in Quicktime. VLC is normally supporting almost all formats and stream types that do exist.

Btw, if this work in Quicktime, then most likely it’s exactly this that you need to use everywhere:

Since Netcam Studio and webcamXP’s RTSP filter uses almost the same way than VLC does for dealing with stream, if it doesn’t work in VLC then I doubt it will work in our products but I would still give a try to Netcam Studio and see if it accepts this by using the custom URL approach.

Thank you both. I have gotten this to work in netcamstudio and vlc. I must have done a typo prior. That said I need this to work in webcamxp is there any way we can make that happen?

You can give a try to the following models:

OEM Empire
TOP HDCam 201

First in Netcam Studio and it works then try into webcamXP (the template exists already).

It’s not guaranteed that it will work in webcamXP since the RTSP support is much better in Netcam Studio.

I have tried this in both netcam studio and webcamxp and neither of these cameras work in either software. Again accessing the url directly as a custom url works in netcam. Is there anyway we can get this working in Webcamxp?

I hate to be a bother about this but I would really like to get this camera working in webcamxp. Are there other profiles I can try in either netcam or webcamxp? Can I get a profile added for this camera as you guys have done with others in the past?. As I mentioned prior only the custom URL works.

You can contact us the support through the official support form. Our technician that takes care of the templates is off until next monday but if you give him access to your camera, he will be able to perform some test himself in order to prepare the template for a future release.

Thank you. I have submitted that request 3 times now. I have also made it available and not gotten a response yet. Is there a way to get a update on my requests other than email?

As I’ve said the person taking care of templates in on holidays and coming back on monday.

He will take care of preparing the template, next week once he returns if he can have access to your cameras however we do not release updates of webcamXP as often as we used to since we are mainly focusing on Netcam Studio. And we won’t release a new version before there are at least a couple of new templates available.

Your support / upgrade plan is over for more than 3 years now so we cannot threat this with high priority since it is not of interest for most customers and not widely used camera / model from a big manufacturer.

Understood. Thank you for the background information. I am happy to renew support if that is what I need to do btw. I use webcamxp constantly and am a big fan. Granted netcam is not a option for me because it does not integrate into my home automation tools but webcamxp works great!

When i wanted to give it a try myself, it seemed that the port 80 was opened but not 554. I sent you an email about this. Thanks.

Thank you have I fixed the forward rule in my firewall to include port 554 please try again when you have the time.