Anyone have any luck with "yooSee" cameras?

I hate to post links because they will expire, but there are a lot of these “:YOOSEE” baby monitor cameras on e-bay, all fairly cheap

The specs say they support the MJPEG protocol, which should make them good for Webcam XW or Netstudio. But of course these are all from China sellers, and getting info from them is sketchy. One seller at least offered me a link to a manual (Its an MS word Doc)

Within that manual there is also a link to software for your smartphone or PC. All apps, including the The PC app comes in a ZIP with instructions, here…

These cameras have a wifi connector (cat-5, RJ 45) and a wi fi antenna. My problem is that the only instructions which show a method of configuring these cameras with a wi-fi password requires you use their smartphone app. The apple version requires at least IOS 8 and my old Iphone-4 only has IOS 7.1. At this price, I’m hoping someone has used these and knows a way to set them up with their wi-fi password and just using a PC, and that they will then show up as IP cameras within a Webcam XP dropdown list.

The above is actually my concern about most IP cameras that are China products, which is why they are are priced so low. Maybe there is a standard way they all work? Maybe they can each have their own web servers for configuration, and can simply be connected to my router with a wired cable for configuration with a browser? I’d like to think its that easy, but I’d feel better if someone can tell me the successfully used these.


EDIT: I searched for yoosee and rtsp and actually it seems that it has an URL like rtsp://cameraIP:554/onvif1
which indicates that it should be possible to connect to NCS or webcamxp with universal source filter.
Here is the link to the youtube file
But, I am not sure if it is the exact camera so you have to look into this.
More info here

It says that it is an P2P camera which makes me a little suspicious since they usually have problems connecting to standard surveillance software.


Well thanks. It is cheap enough that I might just try one based on that, and report what my experience is (after the slow boat from China arrives of course. :slight_smile: ). Now if I’m understanding correctly, you first said that it to show up as a usable “IP camera”, it would have to have an http:// style address, which woud lead me to think it has to have a built in web server. But an “rtsp://” address? I doubt many browsers understand that, so this must be something Webcam XP (with that add on filter) would recognize, right? It makes sense since they are claiming this camera is good for two way sound too.

My other concern of course was configuration. If it’s wi-fi setup can be done first through a wired (Cat-5) connection with their supplied PC ap, than I’m hopefully good to go. If the phone app is mandatory, I can’t use it.

This camera must be configured manually with the rtsp://xxxxx to webcamxp with the filter installed. Webcamxp only support one way audio. You need their own software for two way audio.

Hey @Henrik, I’ve taken a little break from this, as it seems more difficult than I’d anticipated. But I wanted to point out that on first glance, even with the help of the manufacturers listing you linked, finding cameras that will work with a third party program like Webcam XP or NetCam Studio seems to be more challenging than I’d expected. I can see why too. Manufacturers want to be able to make things that are “plug and play” for consumers, who have unfortunately become pretty lazy about anything “DIY”. This is especially true for folks like me looking for bargains, via foreign suppliers on sites like,,, and Its a shame too because obviously, netcamstudio and Webcam XP both allow maximum versatility. But anyway, all this to say, if you run across any cameras in the $20-$40 USD category, please let me know so I can at least buy with some confidence, even if I don’t get to putting them to use immediately. And thanks again for all the help.!

Have a look at this new posting


Thanks. Is this the one?

I guess the price depends on the resolution I select. Looks pretty reasonable, if indeed I can count on it working with my Webcam-XP setup (v. 5.6.10)

Have you had any luck getting remote zoom or positioning to work with that one? If the zoom works, and its an optical zoom, I might not need more than the 720 version. Oh wait,… now that i look it it, it doesn’t seem to be wi-fi at all… requires direct wiring. Oh well. Never mind. Searching aliexpress for “SCM-SW2632” doesn’t show any results. This one looks more promising. But it doesn’t mention anything about remote positioning, zoom, and no references to any of the standards you teold me to look for.

Wait for the answer in the other posting. If you want to use this camera in WebcamXP you must install the Universal Source Filter to be able to connect it with the URL rtsp://xxxxxxxxxxxxx