Anyway to "stream" other webcams windows computers to the NetCam Server?

Hi everyone! Just installed your software. Very interesting stuff! I have 3 other windows computers in my home with webcams. Is it possible to stream them to the WebCam Studio Server? I read your manual and couldnt find anything there. I’m guessing I need to install software on those computers to send that stream to the webcam studio server.

Yes, you need a software on each computer that stream to NCS. Another way is maybe to invest in some new IP cams connected to the LAN and directly to NCS?

Thanks for the quick reply

I figured as much. Any open source suggestions that can stream a format that NCS understands? Yawcam?

Wish I had the funds to pick up cameras.

Just thinking!
A quick search on the Internet gives that some are pointing to Yawcam. I have never used that so I really don´t know. If NCS should be able to use the stream it must be in MJPEG or some other formats, but that is probably the easiest one. Then use Custom URL and probably set stream type to MJPEG and the the URL to http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Another way might be to install NCS on each computer and pickup the stream from each NCS to the central one. There is something called Netcam Studio Central in the pipeline that might be something.
Just exploring,

Again, thank you very much for the quick reply. Interesting! I will try yawcam and post my results. I like yawcam better since its extremely light weight. Lets see how this works.

I have used Yawcam in the past with XP5. It seems to work pretty well AND can be set as a service or as a startup so that when the pc is availible the cam starts. I used it on both local LAN pcs and also tunneled out/in to other locations. Since i have not used it in a while, I only hope it got better or atleast stayed the same. Netcam Studio should have a profile.

Interesting, so why not. To make a profile I need more info snd also understand better what Yawcam really do and what Yawcam and NCS can do together which makes magic. Some help, please.

I was doing pretty much what you seem to be doing in 2009. I wanted a way to monitor my aging Dad. I knew I could get him to at least turn on the PC or Laptop if he knew that I wanted him to just do that (you know the drill). Enter XP5 and Yawcam. Yawcam is really just a very light weight (at least in 2009) USB Camera engine with just enough features to work for me (I just wanted the camera on and presenting the video (and I did not want to spend allot of cash). I just got the software and the install info that was available and followed instructions to get them started. Once I got the Yawcam to start with the laptop or PC, I used ddns to tag my Dad’s IP… from there it was cake with xp5.
I recently wanted to set up security monitoring and moved to WCS to live on W10

I am out of office until Tuesday, but then I will continue. If you could connect to xp5 it would be “easy” to connect to NCS. How did you connect to xp5? I am intersted in also only if it is possible for sound. For example, I have USB mics on different locations and I like to have the recordings in NCS. Would Yawcam do the first part, USB to IP, and then add as Custom URL in NCS?

Ive installed yawcam and tested it. the HTTP function doesnt seem to stream video at all, just JPGs, which sucks. I think if there is any hope for yawcam integration with NCS, it will have to be through “streaming” Ill be playing with that next.

Looks like the “Stream” feature is streamed over HTTP and it uses MJPG, port 8081. I have a feeling we have a winner here. Now to figure out how to connect it to NCS.

Did not get Yawcam to work with NCS since it sends a lot of other things as well.
I installed WebcamXP free and connected the USB cam to that. Then I connected NCS to the stream from WebcamXP and that worked fine. I NCS Add a source using Custom URL and set stream type to jpeg. For URL I used http://IPtoWebcamXP:8080/cam_1.jpg and that worked fine.
MJPEG do not work.

EDIT: or even better install Netcam Studio and connect webcam, In the main NCS add as Custom URL with stream type MJPEG and URL:

Maybe you need to add the token after the 0 as well from the HTML Generator



Thanks! Im going to download WebCamXP free and try your instructions. THANKS!

Hell, I’ll try NCS too.