API Create user


I had a look through the API documentation and I can see options to update a user account, set it’s password and delete it, but I couldn’t find an API endpoint to create a user account: http://www.netcamstudio.com/WebAPI/#Moonware.Server.WCF~Moonware.Server.WCF.MoonwareServerWCF_methods.html

Is this done through the user update endpoint?

Hi Adam!
I hope your new server is running well. What hardware did you end up with?
Correct, no crestion of a user account. I don’t know if this is a security issue, but @Steve might have more info about that.


I stayed with a 6600, though it will be at the limits of performance with the 6 cams constantly recording at 2MP 5FPS it seems.
With the user accounts, I will be using a web site that I will make that should be able to create netcam studio accounts for users. This is for a complex with 31 units.

Nice application. I assume that users are not able to create their own accounts.

Technically they can, but only if they have a pre approved email address that we have on record. They can also approve other email addresses of tenants or residents of their unit and those people can create accounts. Any of those people can have a netcam studio account.

Nice Add-on to NCS ;).