Are there FTP logs to debug failures?

Are there any logs for failing ftp sessions that I can look at?

My ftp server is working fine - cameras can ftp directly to it, but netcam cannot. Is there a way for me to try and find out why?

Hi Graham,
Run NCS X with console when you do this. Any error can be found in the Event Logs. A more detailed log file can you find here C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server in the folder named Logs.

Thanks - I am getting the following error. It seems netcam does not like my FTP server’s response - but other sources do not have this problem and I can manually ftp to the server just fine. I do not see the file on the server… any tips would be appreciated.

Information 09:49:02.901 MoonwareCore.Source(4).CaptureToFTP Uploading image from Source 4 to ftp://grahamk:****@ 1058 253.47MB
Error 09:49:02.963 SimpleFTPUploader(5).Upload Error while uploading / connecting to FTP Server
Exception Detail:Malformed FTP reply: (nu 1070 249.22MB

Capture ToFTP is the Rule that you set?
I searched on that error message and it seems to have to do with if the FTP server is running in active or passive mode. Test that.

In the same menu as Edit video source you have also Configure features where it is FTP upload settings. Please, configure that one to see if that works better. You can select different FTP protocols there.


The ftp screen above is the place that I have configured FTP. I do not have it configured elsewhere. If there is another place to try it please let me know where that is - I can’t find it. :slight_smile:

regarding active/passive - default appears to be active mode. I’m fairly sure that putting an ftp server into passive mode is a function of the client if it needs that mode…

grahamk@linux:/var/log$ ftp
Connected to
220 idledale ftp
Name ( grahamk
331 Password required for grahamk
230 User grahamk logged in
ftp> quote PASV
215 UNIX Type: L8
ftp> quote PASV
227 Entering Passive Mode (90,0,0,41,216,32).

It does appear though that you are trying to use a URL and not logging into the server interactively, I don’t have a lot of experience trying to use that method.

Thanks for the replies - I have pointed NCS at a different ftp server and now have it working. Why it doesn’t work on the other will will need to remain a mystery.

Fine, you got it to work!
Here is another possibility by using Rule to capture to FTP.

Thank you very much for your support Henrik, it is very much appreciated. I have been a WebCamXP customer for a long time, and this new software is taking some getting used to - but it is a big upgrade…

Hi Graham,
Thanks for the kind words! Going from Webcam to Netcams Studio is a big step since they are quite different even though the basics are the same. During the last 9 months have put a lot of effort into NCS to make is stable as easy as possible to work with and also very efficient in the way to minimize cpu usage for many cameras. I am glad you like NCS and if any questions you know where to find me.

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