Are you planning to buy a new IP camera - some advice



Planning on buying a new IP camera? Make sure it supports ONVIF! If the camera also have PTZ make sure it support ONVIF PTZ! The latest version of Netcam Studio have super support for ONVIF and ONVIF PTZ and it will be so much easier for you and me to have your new camera up and running with NCS in a short amount of time.

ONVIF is an open industry forum that provides and promotes standardized interfaces for effective interoperability of IP-based physical security products.

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Hi @Henrik, I just installed NetCam Studio this weekend out of necessity to watch my dog who started having seizures. I already have a PTZ from Logitech with IR and a cheap old webcam on the PC. I need another IR PTZ to cover the room to watch the dog. Ok, this is the background!

Looking for “cheap” Wifi PTZ + IR that support Onvif PTZ seems to be challenging. I like to buy on Amazon for prime free shipping.

I looked at the documentation a bit on profiles and see that PTZ’s are profile S & T. Not sure it helps to know that anyway!

Looking for Onvif camera on Amazon, I can see some, but they don’t say if they support PTZ onvif or type or profiles from the Onvif specs.

For example, this one: say it supports Onvif 2.1.

From the specs of Onvif, version 2.1 seems to be “Profile T (RC v1.4)” But does that supports PTZ?

I need something quick and not to expensive that will work with NetCam (latest version) with Wifi,PTZ, IR. Any Amazon recommendation would help.




Hi Simon,
I have no experience of this camera and I cannot find more info from other users in this forum. Do a search on the Internet and see what people think.
PT can sometimes be tricky on “cheap ones” depending on the hardware, but they say ONVIF to connect to DVR so that´s the info you have. Make sure that the latest firmware is installed in the camera.
Sorry, but I don´t have that much more on this.
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Thanks for the answer!

When you implemented the Onvif specs, which profile did you install or support?

I found another logitech for my immediate need, so I’m good. I will for sure purchase the 16 cam version, I love your product!



I think it is the S profile. It has the discovery phase including streaming protocol (audio/video), resolution and Pan/Tilt. Zoom is not implemented.
Looking forward to your purchase!