Arecont AV1300M-DN - Wont connect

Hi there, recently started using this software and it’s great, got my Foscam cameras up and running on it and it works perfectly, however im struggling to connect to the Arecont AV1300M-DN’s I have. I select Arecont and then AV1300 when adding the cam, IP address and login details, but when I test connection, it always times out. Tried changing the various resolutions, and I found that selecting the smallest resolution (MJPEG) actually successfully connected, but only shown a small section of the upper left of the camera. I did also try adding the camera via a custom URL (which works in the browser), but this still will not connect. Hope it’s something silly that im doing!

I assume this camera is an older one. From the specs it support the mjpeg format. It only has video.
Use the tab for Custom URL and set stream type to mjpeg.
Address is:

This is a rather complicated URL and in the manual there is a better explanation of this.
With x0=0&y0=0&x1=100%&y1=100% you should be able to scale the video image.
I think you need to experiment with this to make it work.