Atom Processor?


I saw a post in 2016 that you were using an Atom processor? So Netcam Studio will run on an Atom w/ less than 4GB? I am thinking of stick computer, or inexpensive tab/laptop running Windows 10 on an Atom, so I can have a low power usage device dumping data to an external USB drive. Then remote monitor.

Nowadays youc an do this for under $200, so I am excited that this may work. Can you confirm your experience?


I ended that experiment. Dual core is a minimum and 4 GB. I am into reliability and very high availability. For me these tests cost to much.
However, you are welcome to test. Maybe it works with a low res camera?
Good luck,

There are many Atom processors and benchmarks range from very, very slow old CPUs with a 194 “score” to quite fast new with a “score” of 3344. Check out the site and search for Atom.

I´m currently evaluating Netcam studio (after running iSpy for several years) on a AMD Turion II Neo N54L CPU that has a benchmark score of 1378. Two simple D-link DCS-93x cameras using MJEG 640x480 in about 15 fps takes no more that ~50% CPU time. So I think that a few low-res cameras with some faster variant of Atom will be quite OK.