Audible Alert on Client Side?


is there a way to trigger an audible alert on the client side (either web or client application) on motion detection?

We have the motion detection set-up but people in the room would need to get an audible alert in case cameras detect a movement.

Any suggestion on how to accomplish it?

Thanks a lot!

For some weeks ago I wrote a reply to the question below which might be what you are looking for.



That’s indeed interesting that you can play an MP3 directly from command line. The issue here is that the sound should play on client computers (3 or 4) and not on the one hosting the Netcam Studio Server application…

But you gave me an idea, It might work using ‘ps’ to execute a remote command on the client machine…

although i believe it would be useful to have this function inside the client software (GUI or web) directly…


Excellent! I googled on this and found 2 or 3 ways to execute a command on a remote computer as you mention. So it looks good. Please report back when you have a solution to share with the rest of us ;),
Good Luck!

I will think about a way to have something like this in the Windows Client. I myself miss this feature sometime :slight_smile:

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That would be great :wink: !

Added to the todo-list for upcoming versions. Shouldn’t be too complicated, only it will probably have a little delay since the Client is pulling data from the server.

…how about this:

in the first release…could be just two or three default sounds, distributed with the client… so, no need to push data around…

Hi Steve.
I see this was back in 2015, has it been done as an audible alert is very desirable as it is now 2018. Thanks G.

There are two ways to get sound at an alert. First way is to set this in the Settings. Second is to use a Rule to execute a file which can be a sound. Works only when running NCS X.

Thanks Henrik, got it working. I left you a reply on the problem of How to set time zone but it does not seem to be listed. Regards G