Audio detection not working

I am using a Foscam 9831. Audio is working in the application or on the motion recording video.

When I enable audio detection, I get this error message whenever it tries to record a video:

Source(2) - Stop Recording received without a thumbail. Item R:\VIDEOS\Recordings\20160105\Recording_2_20160105_140046_901.mp4 with duration 00:00:22.0938035 cannot be added to library…

Also, the threshold scale seems wrong, being from 0 to 255. If I use the default of 20, it just never records anything even if I clap my hand really loudly just in front of the camera. If I use a value of zero, it records all the time (kind of makes sense). If I use a value of 1, it will record when there is some noise. Anything beyond 3 stops detecting anything, no matter how much noise I make.

Any fix for this?

I have the same problem and receive the same error message. I posted for a month ago and also 4 days ago. Bug or setup error? I am looking forward to a response ;).


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