Audio Issues on Windows 8.1 with Logitech Webcams

Audio does not play on server or on Android or Windows clients!

  • Logitech C615
  • Logitech C270
  • Windows 8.1
    The audio manages to record correctly, but when I click the audio playback button on a live stream on the server it just generates irritating audio pops. On the clients it does not play at all. The only interesting debug line is this…

AVBuffer: DequeueAudioPacket()
Desired PacketId: 0 not present in memory. Sent current PacketId: 3688000 Total bytes in memory: 2400

Please check if sound stream from these cameras is stereo. There was a problem playing anything other than mono.

It appears to be mono. Windows reports 1 channel. Issue persists on Windows 10 as well. I will try setting up on older windows 7 computer as well.