Audio Not Selectable: Logitech HD PRO Webcam C920

OS: Windows 10

I cannot select the audio from “Microphone (HD PRO Webcam C920)” as that section is greyed out.
The video is working fine.

This webcam is working fine with the Logitech webcam software; records audio and video no problem.
I use it to record meetings, it is quite sensitive.

I had the same problem with Webcam7 and Webcam XP Pro.

Installation note:
I installed the 64-bit version but could not select an audio source as it was greyed out. Yes, the license was installed.

Then I uninstalled it and installed the 32-bit version but the 32-bit version would not install because of an error.
Even re-downloaded another copy.

One of those mystical problems ;).

  1. My first choice would have been to install 32-bit version since some webcams only work with 32-bit. It is rather strange that you cannot install the 32-bit version. You are the first one with that problem. That might also be the problem for the audio. Did you try to install it as an Administrator? What is the error message?
  2. Since it will not work in any of theses 3 programs it must be something before that blocks it. It recognizes that the cam has audio, but it is grayed out. Driver problem? If you go to Control panel and Sound. Check if the cam is there and functions correct.
  3. Maybe the audio is used in another software and since it is single user NCS cannot take the signal. Check the Task Manager and close all programs that might use the audio from the cam.

That is my tips for the moment. Alternative 3 is maybe the reason? But I am also worried about the error with 32-bit installation.


The installation error on the 32-bit program only came up one time on screen. The installer could not find a particular file, something …FMPG… or the sort. This error message never came up again as the installer simply quits now.

I am wondering that if perhaps the 64-bit version did not uninstall correctly or fully shut down some of its services before uninstalling.

The 32-bit installer needs to account for this and force install on top of anything that may be there.
I would be glad to beta test a new 32-bit installer for you.

The audio does not seem to be in use anywhere else.

I would do this.
Uninstall everything. Start the installation again and chose uninstall/remove.There are only two locations that NCS installs and that is in Program Files (Netcam Studio) and in ProgramData (Moonware). Make sure everything is gone.
Before you uninstall you can go into Services and make sure that the service for Netcam Studio is stopped.
Sometimes an Antivirus program can mess i up. Make sure it is disabled. Install the 64-bit version again and do that as an administrator.
Did you check in the Control panel - Sounds that you have the audio for the cam there and that you can see that is working on the bargraph.
Usually win 10 do not cause any problems.

OK. Here is the problem.
Seems that the 32-bit version of Netcam Studio has a VIRUS in one of the DLLs.
This is why it cannot run.
See attached screenshots.
I downloaded a new version of the installer today (21 Aug).

Turning off the Anti-Virus would be bad as this is a high-risk virus.

Well, that was a new one!
I check with our developers.

I have just contacted Norton, once a year there is a false positive here or there either with NCS or webcamXP.

I didn’t know about this once. I will probably take some time but hopefully in a week or two their definition will whitelist our dll.