Audio streaming

Hi, I am new to Netcam Studio and I’m having a couple of issues (probably because I’m a newbie but maybe not). When I view the feed from my camera via the mobile app there is no audio streaming although the icon on the source screen is uncrossed. On the first one or two recordings I made via motion detection there was audio, now there isnt. Is this a known issue or a setting I’m missing? I am using a Microsoft Lifecam HD 3000 (USB) which has a built in microphone running windows 10. Many thanks in advance

Please check if correct audio source is chosen in source settings.

Yes, the source for the audio is the lifecam camera. I have also noted on the source screen that the speaker icon is often crossed out. If I uncross it, there is a sound status bar at the bottom right of the screen which shows the audio is being picked up. I then close the server (sending to background as i have it running as a service) however if I re-open again, the speaker is crossed out again.

The icon only correspond to client-side playback (disabled by default or when you change sources).

You have to click on it if you want audio to be played on the computer however even when it’s not it still allows Netcam Studio (Server) to use audio for recording or streaming purposes.

Thanks, audio still not streaming or recording though… Are there any known issues with the lifecam 3000?