Auto delete recordings under 10 seconds

Hi as per the title, i have 2 cameras covering my house. Ive been using Netcam studio for years now, but just basic useage. I would like to stop the recordings of eg: birds flying past and triggering a recording. Is this possible?


Hi Dave,
I assume you mean that motion detection is triggered by birds and a recording started and you do not want that.
A function to auto delete recordings under ten seconds is not on the menu.
To avoid birds trigger a motion detection you must configure the MD so that it do not happen. There are two parameters; level and sensibility. Also test with some other algorithm like Blob detection. You have to experiment what will work. This is not so easy.

ahhh, ill leave it how it is, i just thought id ask incase i had missed something somewhere, that would be a nice featureā€¦:wink:

The trick is when you auto delete something it must be very sure that the deleted recording is not what you are looking for. There are AI, correlation techniques etc., But that has sort of another price tag :wink: