Automatically generated Video Clips using WebAPI


I would like to automatically generate a video clip of a few seconds, at regular intervals. And if possible to send it in FTP (otherwise I could do it with another software if not possible)

How to proceed ?

Proceed like this.
Netcam Studio can be controlled by webAPI
There you have a function called StartStopRecording

Write a bat or command file which controls sending these commands at right time and with a right interval. Maybe Windows Task scheduler can be used.
The recording is stored in the Library on the same computer or on the network.
The Library can be Synchronized with an external location via FTP. Retention time can be set. However, depending on application and external FTP software might work better here.

Netcam Studio is free for two sources so download and test.

There is a function called Timelaps, but minimum time is 30 minutes.

Now I am getting very curious what this for interesting application for Netcam Studio :slight_smile:


Thanks !

I hadn’t thought about the API.
I will test this :slight_smile:

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