Avast ver. 17 and WebcamXP

Has anyone had a problem with getting WebcamXP to run after updating to the new (02/07/17) Avast anti-virus program ver 17?

WebcamXP do not start or what happens? Can you in Avast set an exeption for webcamxp?

It just does not start. No error messages from WebcamXP or Avast. If I uninstall Avast 17, WebcamXP will start and run as normal.
I can not find anywhere in Avast 17 to allow an exceptiom for WebcamXP, (or any other program). I have used both WebcamXP and Avast (Version 12) together for years without any problems.

I installed Free Avast 17 on Win10 Pro and by default WebcamXP/7 is blocked. Netcam Studio works. However, you can make an exclusion for programs in the Settinsg as shown below. After exclusion WebcamXP/7 runs. Antivirus companies have a white list with approved software. We need to update thst list at Avast.

THANK you! I included WebcamXP in the Avast 17 Exclusions List and WebcamXP ran as it always has. I really should have seen the “Exclusions” in the Settings List, but missed it, panic I guess.

BTW, have you ever considered a Linux version of WebcamXP/7? With all of the “extra” stuff that keeps coming with Windows I have installed Linux Ubuntu on one PC and like it a lot.

Linux Ubuntu have really developed a lot during the last couple of years especially when it comes to user friendliness ;). I am my self running several Ubuntu servers with different types of open source software and it is definitely good and secure and I am really amazed how good a lot of that software is when it is originally developed by enthusiasts. However, Linux is far from the friendliness that is needed for a software in the consumer business like NCS. I agree that Windows 10 comes with a lot of extra stuff and has expanded, but in my opinion it also has a dramatic increased stability from earlier OS. Also, developing and supporting two OS platforms takes a lot of resources. Running a commercial business need also some income :wink: and therefore Windows is the platform. But, never say never ;).

Thanks for the input and keep up exploring Linux Ubuntu since it has its advantages. I will certainly continue and use it in favorable applications and user environments.

Good luck,

Hi Henrik,

Thanks for the feedback. I understand your position on a Linux version of WebcamXP. if you have not already done so, you may want to check out “WINE” I understand it is a way of running Windows based programs on Linux/Ubuntu. I do not have any experience with it, just that I have seen it mentioned in some online discussions more then once.

Thanks again,