Axis M3037 supported?

Does NetcamStudio support the Axis M3037? I don’t find it in the list of supported cameras .

If it can be supported would it also work in Webcam7?

thanks I appreciate it.

Hi. If it is not in the list it is not supported today or it is another template that works. Here are the supported cams in Webcam7 webcamXP - Compatible Network Cameras .
I would suggest that you use Netcam Studio and add the camera using Custom URL and rtsp://… Axis is a very good camera so check the manual for rtsp://… A quick check gives several suggestions so test what works.

Set stream type to: rtsp_tcp and URL to rtsp://user:password@ipnumber:554/…

Maybe 554 is not needed.

You can also test in VLC first if that is easier. What works in VLC usually works in Netcam Studio.



I have some Axis M3024-L cameras, I added them as axis M3014 as the source and they are working just fine. Try adding it with the closest model number. :slight_smile:


Good idea!