Backup Netcamstudio

Is it possible to make a backup from the Netcamstudio only?
Backround is, i habe 9 Cameras in my Netzwork and the Server(Windows 10 64Bit, Intel Core2Duo 3,16 GHZ, 4GB RAM) CPU is by 96%, i think the PC is to Weak.
I have another PC (AMD Phenom 2 X4 955 3,2GHZ, 8GB RAM) and i will Test ob this is better.
Or what are for a System requied for 9 Cams?

Sorry for my terrible English. :smiley:

Greetings from Germany

Hi Fillip!
It seems that you need a more powerful CPU for your 9 cams. It is very difficult to say directly what system you need since it depends on many parameters like the resolution of the cams, number of cams, the quality of the video, frames per second … so it is really to test.
If you want to test the setup on another computer install NCS on that computer. If you do not want to configure everything from the beginning you can move 3 files from the old system to the new system.
In the folder C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server you have these 3 files

Copy them and paste them into the same location on the new computer. Restart NCS.
Since it is not licensed you will have the red banners over the videos, but the functionality is not changed.
If you decide to use the new computer contact support. They need to release the license from the old computer so that you can use it in the new computer.
Please, report back how it goes since it always interesting to know.
Goo luck!

Hi Henrik,
Thanks for the fast answer.
I have Copy the three files from the old server to the test system, But nothings change… :-/
The cameras and the rules are Not at the test system

Then I don´t think NCS is restarted. If you run NCS as a service you need to restart NCS in Services. If you run NCS X you need to close it by the red button with a white X in it. Check also the Task Manager so that nothing with Netcam Studio is running.
Also, before copying close NCS at the old installation.


Can i Copy the User Accounts too?

They should be in the Server file.