BESDER 6004MW-I101 720P POE (Chinesium..)


Short review and some info.

Bought these two very cheap ones from here.

I bought two of the 48V PoE 720P + 6mm options
Delivery from China to Norway was about two weeks, not bad.

Comes in a box with a pretty useless manual. No software.

The typical Chinesium Active-X pluggin that Only Works with Internet Exploder.

Here is my experience after I got it hooked up with its default static IP and Admin / (blank)

After going trough all settings and removing stuff and options I dont need because I am not goind to use any of the cameras features, like ftp,mail,cloud …

So making my own user with a long strong password, and setting a long strong password for the built in admin user. I am not getting inn again Via the NETSurveillance WEB Active-X thing.

After much back and forth.

The camera supports passwords longer than 16 characters.
The Internet Explorer Active-X plugin / Software does not.

So you can set the password but then your locked out.

You can not disable, delete or rename the Default Admin account, just sett a password for it and get locked out.

There is no external or internal Reset switch on the camera! wtf (:

But finally I found this site and software called: IPC Management Tool 2016-08-27

That will let you connect with the long password and reset the password and/or reset the camera to default.

Last thing with this thing is that you can set a static IP other than Default. BUT if you set it to DHCP and on your router/DHCP Server reserves a IP for its mac-address the camera totaly ignores that and changes IP’s like it chooses like its alive (: So to control this thing static IP in the camera config is the way to go.

ONVIF via Netcam Studio works great.

I dont even think I have a heart strong enough to try to go hunting for new firmware for this one.
Side note. Helped a guy with a Hikivision camera and it had the same issues with DHCP and reservations.

All in all, camera seems fine. Cheap.

Forgot to mention.
On my router these cameras are not allowed to go to any external addresses or call back to its mothership. Camera set to update time to a local NTP.