Best Network Cameras to use with Netcam Studio in 2020

Hi Guys,
Here we will publish reviews/feedback for some cameras that work well with Netcam Studio .
If you have your own experience with cameras that works well, please write some informative text here.

There are many many many cameras out there that works very well with Netcam Studio. It is impossible to test them all. So here are just a handfull that I like. Read also the topic here in forum about Network Cameras where you can find many opinions and help to get a camera to work.

1 Hikvision
More specific DS-2CD2442FWD-IW is a camera I use a lot in different systems and also recommend. Just that model is old and replaced with new ones, but how the new works is the same. It connects very easy to Netcam Studio (NCS) using the tab for ONVIF Source. After login to the camera you have available formats and resolutions. If you login to the web client of the camera you can configure many parameters where resolution and video quality are the more used settings.
In the same place where you add the camera in NCS you can also set FPS, Frames Per Second, and Resolution that are used in NCS. This is important to get the best performance from NCS and the used computer.

D-link has been around for many years and I have been using them a lot. Both with and with out PTZ. The models that I have used like DCS-932L, DCS-942L and DCS-5020L (PTZ). I add them to NCS by the tab for Network Camera and a predefined template or with the tab for Custom URL since i have the specific URL. These cameras are also old today and there are new models, but they have been working fine for many years. I am not sure if D-link use the standard ONVIF, but I hope they will do that soon since it makes life so much easier :slight_smile:.

3.more cams to come!

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I’m recommending:

  • Wyze Cam v2 with RTSP firmware
    Available for $19.99 USD from the Wyze store, with more availability by Amazon, this cheap camera can have its firmware flashed to support RTSP. Doing this will allow the feed to easily be added to Netcam Studio. These cameras are cheap, stable, and work well - and are easy to set up for a standard home environment.

I have new Cameras installed called KAMOX.
They support ONVIF and work at 25 fps with Netcam Studio.
Camera supports 4K Video with motor zoom and is about 200 EUR.
I attached pictures to show the excellent night view.


I have been using 3 different model outdoor rated Network Cameras made by SV3C with NCS. The POE features of 2 of the models make installation easy, since you only have to run network cable to the camera, and the other end to the POE Switch. I installed 2 cameras over a year ago, and they have been functioning without any problems. So I bought 3 more cameras (2 different models). I purchased all of them from

I have also been using a very inexpensive YI Cloud Dome Camera with NCS but after a year, one of them is having trouble with the IR switch.

These are good cameras: (home page )




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I’ve had great success with HOSAFE ONVIF 1080P cameras, and also the Floureon 1080P both appear to be based on ipcam xin very inexpensive and fully ONVIF compatible. In case this helps anyone! :grinning:

I’ve been using Netcam Studio with Panasonic WV-NW964 and Panasonic BB-HCM580A cameras for over 6 years, and I’m extremely happy with the results.

Last year I upgraded a couple Panasonic WV-NW964 cameras to Panasonic WV-SW397A (1280 x 720) and WV-SW598 (1920 x 1080) cameras and had problems with the quality of the recorded videos. This wasn’t a Netcam issue but a combination of camera configurations, NCS settings and my computer hardware’s limitations.

So I contacted NCS, and Henrik quickly responded with helpful suggestions that immediately resolved the issues…

My point here is that not only is NCS an excellent product, but the support is exceptional. I am very impressed… Thank you Henrik!!

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